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brickworks / toronto

pole / 1 2 3 / ~scape
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model 500 / starlight / echospace

arne weinberg / onmuta mechanicks / echocord

milosh / iii / k7
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max richter / 24 postcards in full colour / fat cat
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octogen / gindofask / soma
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rex the dog / i can see you can you see me / hundehaus
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booka shade / numbers (dj kicks) ep / k7
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Richard Galpin

summer tour remixes volume 2 / anticipate

shed / shedding the past / ostgut

matthew robert cooper (eluvium) / miniature 3
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ellen allien / elphine remixes / bpitch

niederflur / typo ep / minus
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kode9 + the spaceape / konfusion ep / hyperdub


k1Lka / deep world dub

01 pulshar / nospheratu [phonobox005]
02 freund der familie / kцnig der welt (sven's dworld mix) [fdf 001]
03 echospace / obmx (unreleased mix) [echospaced1]
04 deepchord presents echospace / celestialis [love029]
05 ilar + hedvall / first avowal [nrtcd3]
06 deepchord / cv313 reduction [echospace 006]
07 mlz / newanaloguecentury [love049]
08 pulshar / kms (pablo bolivar space edit) [phonobox 004]
09 pablo bolivar / across the city (beat pharmacy club dub) [dpress 030]
10 shocking pinks / dressed to please (echospace reduction) [draemi2194]
11 emmerichk / frandalanke (bifidus broken heart dub mix) [filtro.014]
12 depeche mode / lilian (robag wruhmes slomoschen kikker) [mute tonträger]

charles lazarus / faux rachel mix

01 smile + receive / swayzak
02 paperboy (d-nox + beckers remix) / lutzenkirchen
03 handsome (original mix) / bart skils + anton pieete aka district one
04 nomads (matthias tanzmann remix) / cle
05 space (roland m. dill remix) / minilogue
06 apropills / adultnapper
07 dead souls (radio slave long distance kiss remix) / mlle caro + franck garcia
08 sintagma (original mix) / gianluca luisi
09 vabanque (stimming remix) / manuel tur
10 youngkiss / original mix / unai
11 roar (original mix) / patrice baumel
12 the white flash (trentemoller remix) / modeselektor
13 panic / jamie jones
14 face it (feat. mia) / falko brocksieper


Alex Dragulescu

eric cloutier / ghostlycast #13

01 pablo bolivar / cuenta cuentos [regular]
02 langenberg / traffic [sthlmaudio recordings]
03 brendon moeller / sweet decay [leena music]
04 kate simko / she said (barem remix) [spectral sound]
05 nekes / cristal (sasha dive's first remix) [oslo]
06 melchior productions / all there is [playhouse]
07 agnes / daaaahhhh [minibar music]
08 matthew dear / dog days (pantytec interpretation) [spectral sound]
09 matthias tanzmann / hotel sapporo (petre inspirescu remix) [moon harbour recordings]
10 vera + federico molinari / it ain't music [love letters from oslo]
11 loco dice / la esquina [desolat]
12 kollektiv turmstrasse / luchttoorn [connoisseur recordings]
13 jamie lloyd / may i? (quarion's morning rave remix) [future classic]

half hawaii / live @ watergate / 07/05/08

Styrofoam Dome Home

va / get lost 03 mixed by dinky / crosstown rebels

01 dinky / lost in the forest
02 dinky / horizontal
03 guillaume + the coutu dumonts / salerilipopette (matt john remix)
04 dan berkson / the hollow
05 audio soul project / community (peace division remix)
06 gowentgone / one of these fusche
07 innersphere / phunk (ricardo villalobos remix)
08 the mountain people / mountain people 003
09 tom tom groove / mr funkman
10 matt o'brien / no reason
11 samuel l. session / the stick up (sls mix 2)
12 radio slave / bell clap dance
13 dennis ferrer / son of raw (loco dice mix)
14 chic miniature / kimono
15 chica + the folder / souffle (sonja moonear dans ma casbah mix)
16 cassy / toya
17 paulo olarte / solu tu (isolee remix)
18 matthew styles / double exposure
19 dinky / she

marc houle / sixty four/week 2 / minus


alex smoke / temperance gallery, toronto / 09/08/08

Last December Alex Smoke came during one of Toronto's worst snow storms. On Saturday, his plane was canceled due to thunder showers and heavy rain making the promoters work even harder to make this event happen. They managed to swing a last minute flight from Boston to Buffalo. The guest of honour arrived shortly after 1:30 am. Alex then graced Toronto with some of the finest textural techno Toronto has ever experienced. His music has a level of sophistication that takes minimal techno to a whole new degree of intricacy. I can't say enough about him. Alex Smoke is always highly recommended. Absolutely amazing performance.

time festival : soulwax, matthew dear, a-trax, heidi / sunnyside pavillion, toronto / 10/08/08


matthew dear



Yesterday, I went to the Time festival hosted by Embrace. It took place at Sunnyside Pavillion one of the sweetest outdoor venues in the city. The performances were varied. I went primarily to see Matthew Dear, but he delivered a sub-par dj set with technical problems at the beginning. The funniest moment was when a young boy shouted "You're so handsome" from the crowd. I'm starting to think his good looks are half the reason he has so many fans. A-trak delivered a party set that seemed to work the crowd into a dancing frenzy. Heidi delivered a solid quality techno set. The highlight was Soulwax who rocked it. Check out photos and clips on flickr.

Jonathan Puckey

va / my favorite things / mule

va / i'm starting to feel ok / mule

va / 1 year of kaufe musik / kaufe musik

Kevin Frew

mathieu ruhlmann + celer / mesoscaphe / spekk

I have been a fan of Celer for quiet some time. I highly recommend their latest release Mesoschape. Here's some text by Mathieu Ruhlmann and Celer taken from the Spekk label website describing their creative process. It's a must have for lovers of Gas.

"The album 'Mesoscaphe' is a sound work dedicated to the 1969 voyage of the Ben Franklin, the naturally-propelled submarine created to explore the currents of the Gulf Stream, and the nature of the sea. Half of the sound is composed of original pieces of music, meant to symbolize a deepening human element culled from memory, from strings, pianos, and electronics. The other half of the sound is composed of natural field recordings, of the Ben Franklin itself, as well as the surrounding oceans and habitats, with the intention of providing realism through sound, just as if it were an actual document from the voyage, of the surrounding ocean. The artists exchanged their own original sounds with each other, allowing each artist to experiment and remix outside of their own sound sources, with the potential to apply our own sound methods to each others' sound sources, and develop the concept even further. Titles were made to coordinate with the movement of the voyage, creating their own story, in relation to the progressing sounds. The final result is a documented literary and audio interpretation of the voyage, from the perspective of 3 sound and visual artists, of the experiences and surroundings of the crew of the Ben Franklin, traveling for 30 days by the gentle glide of the Gulf Stream. We hope to bring attention to an important event in history, overshadowed by the moon landings, and for people to know the story of the revolutionary submarine that explored the nature of the ocean, challenged scientific development, and ended up in a salvage yard."
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track 1 mp3

gas (wolfgang voigt) / gas / raster noton
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near the parenthesis / l’eixample / n5md


Lila Jang's sofa is part of an exhibition called Parcours Saint-Germain in Paris

Ø (mika vanio) / oleva / sahko
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va / igloo nueva ola / igloo-rec

tobi neumann / secretsundaze / secretsundaze

01. osunlade feat divine essence / my refection
02. sascha dive / bdown variation 7
03. move d / quit quitting
04. vera + federico molinari / it ain't music
05. filsonik feat soni - here to stay
06. mr. raoul k / le cercle peul
07. minilogue / jamaica
08. kerri chandler / pong
09. nathan hawks / derrick's chase
10. rhythm + sound feat paul st hilaire / ruff way
11. billy dalessandro / nitrogen bass
12. stimmig + hosh / radar
13. ralph sliwinski / pox box (johnny d remix)
14. sensitiva / viola tricolor
15. jus ed / kick it up (part 4)
16. guillaume + the coutu dumonts / les gans


frivolous / the emoticon don ep / minibar
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bobby + blumm / everybody loves... / morr
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